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What time is it really?


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Sep 1, 2018
I was going over my video recordings from my M2Z, and realized the timestamps don't make sense.
All times are EST, or at least that's my timezone.
Supposedly based on the SRTs of the videos, I started recording at a park at 15:14 today (3:14pm). At first that seemed to make sense.
According to the SRT of the last video at the park, I ended my session with my M2Z at 16:23 (4L23pm). That too seems to make sense, maybe.

But because I had gotten an unexpected firmware inconsistency, I thought I'd refresh firmware on my AC and both RCs. (more on that in another topic or two)
In the process, it appears I triggered a recording while at my PC. Supposedly that recording was from 16:45 (4:45pm) to 16:46 (4:46pm) That seemed to be too early.

Other references that show the video timestamps, even in SRT are off, particularly the last one:
According to my Windows event log, I started my PC at 5:53pm
PC crashed trying to get AC to connect to Assistant at 5:56pm.

After I was done with my M2, I flew my MM at the park before it got dark, taking 2 videos and sequence of photos at 10 second intervals
Video 1 media created 4:32pm Turns out MM doesn't put the recording time in the subtitle track
Video 2 media created 4:56pm
First photo taken 4:59pm
Last photo taken 5:06pm

Come to think of it, the last M2Z recording was during my attempt to refresh firmware, so no Android was connected. The recording might not have had any time reference. Then again, SRT does show GPS coordinates so AC should have gotten accurate time from GPS.

Actual order of events Time it supposedly occurred
Pay for lunch at nearby cafe 1:53pm according to receipt
Walk around park for a bit
Use restroom, get stuff from car Don't think that all took an hour
Start flying M2Z and record 3:14pm
Last recording from M2Z in park 4:46pm
Fly MM take 1st video 4:32pm
Fly MM take 2nd video 4:56pm
Take 1st photo 4:59pm
Take last photo 5:06pm
Sunset, probably home by then 5:34pm
Start PC to do Mavic stuff 5:53pm
PC crashes 5:56pm
M2 video taken by PC 4:46pm ?!?!?!