Can't stand the heat!

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    OK, "the Editor" moved the thread off current topics! I can't find a way to delete myself (this entity anyway), Guess "the editor" will, since they do not like negative posts!!

    Delivery before 2017 is not going to happen according to sources in the "shipping" industry folks - hope you tragics stay tuned - might be back. See what happens after a couple of false advertising and not-as-advertised small claim court cases end up!! No money, just publicity and some shaming!!!!!!
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    "Delivery before 2017 is not going to happen according to sources in the "shipping" industry folks"

    Not surprised: They over sold it, are understaffed to manufacture the demand they created, and knowingly provided Misleading Delivery Dates to entice more pre-orders. Deliberate or Not, only the manufacturer knows. They created a magical flying camera that is so easy to use, everyone can fly it (except they fail in the advertising campaign to inform the consumer that it requires a lot of important procedures and checklists-to-check and environments-to-evaluate etc, etc) Look at this forum, it's an eye opener to the newbies for certain. They Sold me, that's for sure. Sold me the same way on the Phantom P2+. Unlike some, I'm not relying on it for income, or research, or search and rescue, it's my new gadget, so I have time. I too would have sold my P3's and P4's to pay for a Mavic, like many people did. And they are pissed! We, the consumer, the customer, don't like being lied to. Persuasion to buy is different. Selling us on a product is different. This could be fraud of some sort, but only lawyers know how to sell that path. However, thanks to this shipping delay, I've learned a ton about the MP, and there are hours and days of successful flights shared on forums, just hard to find the threads amongst all the issues taking priority order. I am not going to cancel my order. I will trust them until I open the box. I will take pictures of it, if it looks like it's not new or rushed through a QC system just to get it shipped, I will send it back. That's the only power I have. Cover my A$$ with video cameras not attached to the quad, film my first flights and pre-flight checklists, and hopefully have a lot of fun.
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    Mods move posts all the time on many forums. No need for a persecution complex. If they wanted to silence someone the BAN button is close enough.
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    True enough and besides there are so many positives to come out of the flaws.... Some folks just need to grow up and get some patience.

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