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    1. It's best to wait after most of the hardware, software bugs/hiccups are ironed out of their first production run. Samsung Note 7, a different kind of high tech gadget that exploded, can serve as a reminder to exercise patience.
    2. From above, mother Earth will stay, look the same for a long time so I'm in no rush to buy one to shoot anything on Earth. Shooting people in the streets is easily done with any camera.
    3. The flying experience will be just the same with the fast small drones that I got. I even owned drones that dogfight in the air with infrared beams.
    4. One section in US FAA laws says
    "Visual line-of-sight (VLOS) only; the unmanned aircraft must remain within VLOS of the remote pilot in command and the person manipulating the flight controls of the small UAS. Alternatively, the unmanned aircraft must remain within VLOS of the visual observer."
    The Mavic is small enough to be lost out of sight easily. I heard the police was devising a way to randomly test drone flyer similarly to testing drunk driver. For drunk driver test, the police asks the suspect to touch his/her nose. In the drone matter, the police would ask the drone owner/flier to pause, ask him/her to point at where in the sky his/her drone is.
    5. Technology changes, evolves fast. Better drones will arrive.
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    Oct 13, 2016
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    1. A limited number of lemons will occur with any product, once mass production starts no major issues are expected to appear. Note 7 is an outlier which will cost the Samsung many billions of dollars.
    2. Events on the earth are constantly changing, people like to capture said events from a different perspective.
    3. Maybe?
    4. The police don't have the manpower or resources for such tests, what you heard is bullshit.
    5. Technology changes, why ever buy anything at all when the next best thing will be coming out?
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    Oct 12, 2016
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    Aiken, SC
    Sounds a lot like you are trying to convince yourself...
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    I don't understand why the OP would come onto a Mavic forum and post that he is not getting a Mavic. What are we supposed to do, suddenly agree with his point of view and hand back the drones?

    Have you also given the GoPro forum your wisdom ... you could add a few more items in your why not list there
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    Oct 13, 2016
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    Though I tend to agree with the principle (exercising patiente is a virtue, it can be a good idea, or never a bad one, to wait and see), the argument is unsound, a false equivalence. Both the Note 7 and Mavic are "new gadgets", but it doesn´t follow that the new DJI drone should, could nor would fail just for being "new" or "gadget".

    The earth will stay, but we, our moments and friends, relatives, etc. will pass. OK, in essence we don´t need cameras at all but since we have them and drones all the rest, it´s a bit of a moot point isn´t it LOL

    It´s not the same, otherwise no one would order a Mavic to start with. Well, maybe we´re all just compulsive consumists and that´s probably true, especially considering the above LOL

    Now just imagine that. It´s rumour, but even if it´s true, the implementation would be crazy. Can´t see that happening, not soon.

    That´s for sure, but then we´ll go through all this ordeal again and again every time this happens because we´re helpless :D:D
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    Hi troll. Just so you know, I have encountered law enforcement with my P3 8+ miles away and they radio'd their buddies...To come check out the awesome technology I was controlling from that far away :D
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