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    Seems DJI changed this a lot from Phantom/Inspire.
    Who know what Downlink Bandwidth 10/20 MHz really means/does?
    and what is meant by the cryptic "Cannot use 4K or High Frame Rate to shoot a video in HD mode"?

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    The 20mb bandwidth is a new higher bandwidth option for the live feed over the 10mb from the looks of it so the channel with now be over a wider section of the radio band, will allow faster data rates but would be more prone to being affected by other wifi

    If you select 10mb you should see the data rate drop.

    You can not use the 1080P live feed in 4K your limited to 720p in that mode hens the message.

    Normal = 720p
    HD = 1080P

    Both are HD but DJI have chosen to use this slightly confusing abbreviation method.
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    10 and 20 MHz are channel widths in megahertz. So let's say you're on a 2.4GHz band using channel 2.439 with 10mhz width - you'll be operating on 2.439-2.449 range. On 20mhz it'll be 2.439-2.459.

    Wider channels are better for higher bandwidth through-put but tend to have shorter range(distance) than narrow channels.
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