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    Hey guys,

    Had my first outdoor flight today and I absolutly love this thing. (Although I did have a run in with 2 birds which made me cut the flight short! 2 Big kestrals suddenly showed an interest after appearing from nowhere :p)

    I watched the videos recorded during the flight today and noticed something. Flying around just looking at trees, scenery etc is fine. But when I tested active track and had the Mavic focused on me, the playback almost looked sped up. A little bit short of needing the Benny Hill theme tune while I was walking around. Anyone else noticed this?

    I'm not too fussed as I'm not using that part of the video, but if you try using editing software to slow it down (Sony movie studio), it seems a tad jerky.

    Just wondering if I've missed a setting on the Mavic.
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