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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by dam, Nov 10, 2016.

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    Oct 18, 2016
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    Anyone used skytango ? It seems to be something like gettyimages for drone users to sell their footage.
    The monthly option seems reasonable for what they appear to offer.. Im guessing one has to be commercially registered in order to sell their footage.. Here is the link Are You A Pilot - Skytango
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    Nov 10, 2016
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    Dublin, Ireland
    Hello dam. My name is Steven Flynn. Someone flagged your post here for me, and given that I'm the CEO at Skytango, and can't wait to get my hands on a mavic, I thought I'd join and answer your question. Hope that's ok. We built the platform to be different. In that you don't need to be licensed to use it. HOWEVER, we are all about compliance as well. (That's a big lift, but we have some great plans for the next 7 months). 3.5 years ago I was one of the first licensed operators in Ireland, and for a long time I used to get really spun up about all the illegal video out there. Truth is I still do. But about a year ago the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) changed their rules and actually made it legal for ANYONE to fly a drone commercially under certain circumstances. So you could be unlicensed and fly up to 50ft in cases, and up to 400 ft AGL out in the country as long as the flights were outside of the ctr's. It became really clear for me that it's not about licensed or unlicensed operators, it's about legal operations. (That's our big thing). So, for instance, you might not be licensed and own your mavic, and go to the south pacific and fly in an area where nobody is licensed and you broke no laws and endangered no one. For us, you should be able to sell that. Likewise, you could be a licensed operator and break your limits, be illegal and you shouldn't be able to sell that. So... the long answer to your question is... you don't have to be licensed. We screen everything we show to try and limit the illegal material. Some slips through, but we do our best. (Compliance is why we partnered with Audio Network to give everyone access to licensed music to showcase flying... you get 100k tracks as part of the platform - that's a market first). We have some really big things in store for 2017, right now we're ironing out the bugs you get pushing live (should be smoothed out in days). We're also launching a free plan in a few days (might be tomorrow)... and we'd love to have anyone out there who would like to help us put value into compliance, and push this technology and industry forward. I can be reached on our site if anyone has any questions... and we hope to see you there. Steve.
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