Thinking about packing it all in.

Discussion in 'sUAV Rules & Regulations' started by Pommo70, Nov 26, 2016 at 11:46 AM.

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    Oct 24, 2016
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    The rules in the UK are ridiculous. I can't fly over or within 50 metres of any person or property unless you're taking off or landing then it's reduced to 30 metres (how kind of them!) So this means basically that I can only fly over places that have no people or properties.... of which there are ******* none, it's a ******* joke and I'm seriously thinking of cutting my losses and getting rid of my beloved P4 before I get arrested for smashing some stupid ****'s face in for coming over to me preaching the laws and threatening to shoot my drone down. I'M DOING NO HARM, YOU ******* PARANOID LAME STUPID ****'S. Sorry about the language folks but I'm pretty angry right now.
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    Oct 17, 2016
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    Sarnia ON Canada
    Nooooo . . . doooooon't do it! . . take a deeeeeep breath and then break something inexpensive . . .
    There are tons of rules here in Canada too . . but ways to work within them and still do what you want. Check out my CONVERSATIONS . ..we are making progress here . .. slow but it takes time to turn a government ship around . . How Can I help?
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    Nov 20, 2016
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    Wow. Didn't know the rules were that bad! I was stationed there for 4 years so if you have any yank buddies go to the bases and huge ball fields they have there. Just

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    Nov 1, 2016
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    Don't give in just yet! Mind you, your rules are still better than ours here in Sweden. Here flying a camera equipped drone is now completely forbidden, but I still fly my Phantom and I am currently waiting for my Mavic. I am quite sure that in a few years, even the Swedish socialist government will realize the futility of trying to outlaw technological progress...

    I think that as long as you are careful and avoid doing stupid things, you should be OK. For instance I only take off whenever nobody is around and I take care never to fly low or hover around people's property or above main roads and stuff. If you are at 300 feet, the drone is actually hardly visible (I have even switched the red lights off). Yeah, no low-level zooming above houses and crowds, but I can live with that.

    /// Tom
  5. The Editor

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    Oct 12, 2016
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    CAP393 94/95 (formally 166/7) has been there for ages.
    The CAA imposed distance stand offs have similarly been there for a long time - with good reason.
    The key is 'under your control's. As long as you have permission you can land on someone's roof!
    The overriding factor is permissions are in place and then you can fly as close as you like.
    It hasn't hindered me in three years of flying commercially and a lot more years than that flying as hobby.
    Most shots are possible with just a little planning.
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