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Recent content by Andrea1976

  1. Andrea1976

    From France, Briançon

    Hi This is a video of a valley near Briançon, France. Beautiful place! I hope you enjoy it and any comments will be appreciated. Andrea
  2. Andrea1976

    Atlantic cliff Portugal Mavic 2 Pro

    Thanks a lot! I’m just learning how to do those stuffs! You’re right but I don’t have enough clip length to do that and the beat of the music is so pressing.. I would like to improve the story behind a scene.. thanks again Andrea
  3. Andrea1976

    Atlantic cliff Portugal Mavic 2 Pro

    Hi Any suggestions? Andrea
  4. Andrea1976

    Hlg to rec 709

    Hi everybody I’ve a 5k iMac 2017. The display isn’t hdr. I haven’t any other hdr display. Is it worth to shoot in hlg with a mavic pro 2 and then convert the rec 2020 in rec 709 in final cut later? Bye Andrea
  5. Andrea1976

    Mavic 2 Pro Normal vs DLOG

    Hi 1- I’m not a PRO 2- if you assume that mavic's dlog is the same of other dlog files (witch is not) look at that I also have tons of problems with dlog.. cheers Andrea
  6. Andrea1976

    Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands

    Very nice.. what fps did you shoot? cheers Andrea
  7. Andrea1976

    Spare parts mavic 2

    Yep but also the eyes want it’s part!😃
  8. Andrea1976

    Spare parts mavic 2

    Hi I need the front plastic part just on top of the camera between the front sensor. Is there a seller on line you can suggest? thanks Andrea
  9. Andrea1976

    Mavic 2 pro yaw

    What about frame rate and shutter speed?
  10. Andrea1976

    4k Cinematic Drone Footage

    Wonderful! I like the smoothness of the movement and the color grading. I agree with the need of ground b-roll.. but again.. great job. Andrea
  11. Andrea1976

    Best tracker for Final Cut Pro x

    Hi Can anyone suggest me a good tracker for FCPX? thanks Andrea
  12. Andrea1976

    Devils bridge

    ok I thought you shoot in 60p 1080.. it looks so vivid and sharp. thanks
  13. Andrea1976

    Devils bridge

    Nice! 60 fps?
  14. Andrea1976

    Mavic 2 CRUSH!

    Yes it is! Is an old fishing facility in Sicily.. now you can rent a room and enjoy the beauty of the Sicilian sea.. amazing!