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    Geofff replied to the thread 3 Abandoned hotel.
    Wow. Great flying in such tight spaces. I think I would have lost orientation.
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    Finally offering the mechanical shutter in a MFT on M3E. Great for it's stated purpose of mapping. The M3T is at a nice price point for 640 Thermo too. Be interesting after dust settles on new... if payloads are swappable. That would be a...
  • koco2202
    Hello friends, drone pilots, I recently crushed my DJI Mavic Air 2 drone (totally my fault), and broke the camera gimble, I attached photos so you can have better idea. Since I really can't live without flying, I do travel a lot, I have couple...
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    retiredNH replied to the thread 3 Abandoned hotel.
    Makes sense. We in the USA can find some abandoned properties that were once mental hospitals, hospitals that were closed and abandoned when we de-institutionalized mental patients a few decades ago. Difference here is that most of them are...
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    Geofff reacted to alex_markov's post in the thread 3 Abandoned hotel with Like Like.
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