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Recent content by Ben Sharp

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    24 FPS OR 30 FPS ?

    One other (possibly irrelevant) point I'd make is that in film school I was taught that the human eye/brain combo "sees" the world at around 24fps, which is why the standard was adopted as the "normal" frame rate after the switch from 16fps...
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    Who is legit in Canada?

    Hi there. I'm shooting some tv show bumper footage with my Pro. In essence, making money flying. I am not registered and would like to be legal. I got some intel from a local flying school who said that regulations are changing in Canada in November such that it will be possible to become...
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    Flight around the Acropolis of Athens

    Nice camera operating...
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    Can you say Mavic 2 imminent in 15 days ?

    Hehe. You know, I find that the most important thing about nice footage is composition and movement of the camera/drone. It's pretty easy to find the good camera settings to get nice looking pictures, but the skill I'm trying hard to master is the combination of moving up, left or right, with...
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    Can you say Mavic 2 imminent in 15 days ?

    **** me I’d buy one. I’m an hgtv cameraman (tv), and have absolutely loved the MP. Camera is pretty awesome already. I imagine the new camera will be a lot better, as DJI surely listened to all of us saying that was the weak point of the MP. Although I must say it does not look too out of...
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    Mavic Pro The Right Choice?

    Sorry about the typos! Meant Mavic, of course...
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    Mavic Pro The Right Choice?

    If you’re good at gaming, the Magic will not be a feel learning curve for you. The rules, regulations and real world incidences are, to me, far more involved. The Magic is easy to fly right from the start, and yes, you may have a close call or even accident where you break a blade, but if...
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    7'' mavic tablet

    Oh man! I see now... the cache is not on the drone but on your device. How dumb do I feel? :). Now it makes sense and opens up another layer for me. Thanks for that.
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    7'' mavic tablet

    What’s the true purpose of the cache if you’re recording to the SD card anyway?
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    Polar Pro ND Filters too heavy for gimbal

    I have also used PP filters since day one and never had a problem. I’ve always installed with power off since the gimbal is looser. Then power up and it’s always been just fine. Sorry for those having issues. Perhaps you’re installing incorrectly? Weird that some would have trouble with...
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    How do you guys deal with birds?

    I'm shooting a show for a national channel and use the Mavic to get shots of local flavour, houses, etc. Had an encounter with about 50 pigeons that circled and circled the Mavic. Got real close. Post production used the shot where a pigeon just missed getting beheaded! It was an amazing...