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Recent content by Calknowles

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    *CRASH* & No Video after several repairs!

    Did you find the problem in the end I have this exact same problem with mine and have replaced all the same parts as you ?
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    Gimbal not connecting plus many other issues.

    Hi all so I bought a second hand drone was flying fine until I did the unthinkable and crashed it (crash detection was turned off by previous owner ?!?) After the crash I lost the video feed but the gimbal still works. after doing some research I replaced the silver feed cable being a easy...
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    Gimbal Ribbon Cable Replaced - Gimbal still not functioning

    So I have this same issue after a heavy impact on the road. The initial power is the same as the video very jerky and over rotates. I orginally replaced the camera then the cables then the whole gimbal now I’ve replaced the whole gimbal board and wobble board complete and still have the same...