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    Dark video feed with ND filter?

    thanks good tips. I have a freeworld 7" monitor for my video stuff but i don't have the upgraded controller to plug into. I was hoping there was a way to auto adjust my screen settings even though there is a ND filter on it.
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    Dark video feed with ND filter?

    Thanks! Mavic Air. Bright sunny day i use the 5 stop filter and its hard to see on my screen. I use manual settings. The actual footage from the drone looks perfect. Just hard to pilot off the screen
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    Dark video feed with ND filter?

    Hi! New member here. So I'm guessing this is a common issue? Sunny day, using a ND (5 stop) filter to get the frame rate right, but the video on my phone looks really dark, especially since it's sunny out and reflecting off the screen too. Is there a setting or something to bring the video...
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    Master Airscrew Stealth Propellers - 2nd GEN V2

    Just got a set and tried them today. Definitely quieter and the lower pitch is a big difference in terms of drawing attention. People and birds didn't even notice me flying in the area
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    First scare with Mavic Air

    New member here. I've had disconnects a bunch of times when blocked by an object temporarily like trees, a low wall, etc. It always came back so i got used to it and don't realy panic.