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Recent content by Comrepco

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    Mavic 2 controller loses charge while turned off

    Only flown My M2P once and have charged the controller 5 or 6 times now. I have noticed that the controller battery loses about 1 - 2% per hour after charge has completed (and switched itself off and disconnected from the charger). After a week in the bag, it's totally flat.... This NEVER...
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    I was arrested for flying a drone *updated with video*

    And so it begins ............... Personally, I'd fly somewhere else ..
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    New Crystalsky Mount by A Plus Drone

    Ordered one of these today ...... looking forward to using it with my new CS 5.5 ... :)
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    Crystalsky good or bad?

    Hi Tony, Can I ask what made you decide to keep the 7.85 over the 5.5??? Looking to purchase a Crystalsky in the next couple of days, and have been struggling with my choice (smaller vs Larger).. Thanks