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Recent content by daxmon

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    Someone who uses Ipad Pro 10.5 with UAG case ?

    Hello, I want to use my Mavic Pro with my Ipad Pro 10.5 There are tablet stands for the Mavic Controller that can hold tablets up to 12", but is there anyone who tried to put an Ipad Pro 10.5 in an UAG case on a tablet stand ? This is the case i'm talking about : New Metropolis Case for iPad...
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    Hello from Mechelen, Belgium !

    Hello Mavic-Pilots ! I'm Patrick, living in Mechelen in Belgium (right in between Antwerpen and Brussels. I've been flying with the Phantom One, the F550 and finally the Inspire 1. I also used some other brands, but all of them had one big disadvantage : size and portability. The Mavic Pro...