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Recent content by diveinstructor

  1. diveinstructor

    Looking for App suggestions, Fire Dept & Search and Rescue

    where can Drone Harmony be found??? Im looking for it on the Apple app site but cant seem to find it.
  2. diveinstructor

    Harrowing Final Flight - Mavic Totalled

    And flying direct over public roads...... Sorry but all were BIG BIG mistakes.....
  3. diveinstructor

    Catastrophic app failure -- result, Mavic lost :*(

    Also maybe a back up APP like Litchi would have helped here? I fly with my Ipad mini that has both Dji Go 4 and Litchi on it. I have never rally had any issues with app crashes. Also as a 2nd back up, just in case my ipad were to crash I always have my iphone on me that also has both Go 4 and...
  4. diveinstructor

    New Dji Go 4 app 4.1.20 anybody?

    I see there is a new Go 4 update, anybody tried it yet? Stable?
  5. diveinstructor

    Titan Drone cyclone antenna installed on remote for sale

    No no not saying your wrong, just tossing out a idea for you. I totally agree with you its well worth the money!
  6. diveinstructor

    Titan Drone cyclone antenna installed on remote for sale

    No Quick question and maybe a fix for you bud, Do you still have the original antennas that came on the RC? Reason I ask is I have the Titan Atlas and when I installed the new antenna system I kept the original ones just in case I wanted to put them back... Worse case you could always put it...
  7. diveinstructor

    Swimming Mavic???

    I dont know about that one..... IF that had happen to me once it came out of the water I would have flown it right back to me...... WHY did he keep flying it over the water???? LOL
  8. diveinstructor

    No gimbal/cam view on my iPhone while flying my Mavic.... Help!?

    Try going under your camera settings and re set all settings to default. I was messing with camera settings one time and the screen was very bad..... not all black like yours. After i reset it all back to default settings all was fine. Good luck
  9. diveinstructor

    Crashing of DJI Go 4

    My friend also have a ipad mini 4 and his keeps crashing.... I have a ipad mini 2. Both Ipads are running the same IOS and the same Go 4. Mine never crashes his crashes all the time..... :-(
  10. diveinstructor

    Titan Atlas alternative antennas?

    Did you try them yet????
  11. diveinstructor

    Titan Atlas alternative antennas?

    I was thinking of getting a set of these for my Atlas. What would the diff be over the antennas that come with the Atlas?
  12. diveinstructor

    Complete list of all Mavic Pro Updates

    Its fixed now thanks anyways :-)