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I have been addicted to computers, since I was 10 years old and the entire school had 1 computer which was time shared to classes and came around on a trolley. It was a BBC Master System with an unbelievable 128KB of memory, a tape drive, and we got to quickly learn BASIC and the thing with the turtle (Logo was it ?!?)
The addiction soon developed into full flown gadget habit, but for reasons unknown I didn't get my first drone until July 2022. I did my research, and got a DJI Mini which was going cheap... I'd used it 1 week before I decided my life would need be complete until I owned a DJI Mini 2 - the extra cash was worth it, better range, better quality, and I even managed to get the wife addicted too when she received my barely used DJI Mini.

It's now October 2023, and for some reason I've just found this excellent site, after finding the amazing Litchi software! ...I also have just seen the DJI Mini 4 Pro, and I'm feeling the love!
Jun 14, 1978 (Age: 46)
Colchester, UK
Mavic Software Mods
  1. I'd like access to the software mods forum. I accept full responsibility for any violations of federal/local regulations or software TOS.
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