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DroneZone Samui

I am Swiss 60 and live here on the holiday island of Koh Samui, in the south of Thailand. Since 2015 I have been running the "Flying Arrow" restaurant with archery facility in Mae Nam.

For my Samui videos I fly with Dji Air 2s and others ...

There are almost no restrictions for drone pilots. The regulations are limited to the essentials such as safety and requirements; There is also only one weight class up to 2 kg for private drones, and the necessary insurance and registration can be done quickly and easily online.

We have the most beautiful beaches in all of Thailand, great for swimming, diving, etc. There is also very healthy and wholesome food (Thai and International kitchen) and the finest nightlife.

If you would like to travel to Koh Samui for a vacation, you can also get tips from me, regarding taking drones etc. just ask!

Entry will be possible again without restrictions from 2022!
Thailand, Ko Samui
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  1. I'd like access to the software mods forum. I accept full responsibility for any violations of federal/local regulations or software TOS.
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