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  1. Effects

    Help with Mavic 2 Pro Crash Location

    So glad you solved your mystery. And yes, SAR104 is amazing.
  2. Effects

    Newbe from Tacoma WA.

    I just got off the phone with the former airport owner. The Runway was 20 feet wide. Many memories there.
  3. Effects

    Newbe from Tacoma WA.

    You would think I would remember in as much I learned to fly there and instructed there for a few years. I'll make a call and let you know.
  4. Effects

    Newbe from Tacoma WA.

    I was in the car. My 1966 Oldsmobile 442, 400 ci, 345 HP, 440 pf of torque vs FH1100 w/ 219 shp. Standing start drag race to the segmented circle in the middle of the runway. Who do you think won?
  5. Effects

    Newbe from Tacoma WA.

    Actually, it was more than 40 years ago. If my memory serves me correctly the runway was 1700 x 10 or was it 20?? How do you know that? Here is a picture of me on the runway.
  6. Effects

    Newbe from Tacoma WA.

    Welcome to the Forum from a former resident of Tacoma and achieved my frist Part 61 rating at Spanaway.
  7. Effects

    Mavic 2 height limit reached

    You are probably in Beginners Mode. Please study the manual and try again.
  8. Effects

    Blue Lake Trail, Cascade, Idaho

    I agree with Dale D's comments and have a small addition. I believe you shot at 24 fps. You might reduce some of the blur while panning by shooting at 30 fps. On the other hand, I'm a Video Newb so take what I say with a grain of salt. Also, on a personal note, my Wife and I were planning on...
  9. Effects

    Penalties and liabilities for flying small commercial jobs w/o Part 107 license?

    Maybe not prosecution but then there is the Civil trial and the Lawsuit. Of course, I live in the Lawsuit capitol of the world AND I'm very near to the center of the Logic Free Zone!
  10. Effects

    New from California

    From memory, that sounds like Livermore.. I didn't hang out at the airport much in the later years but I worked at KSBP, KOAK, KSJC & KSFO but lived near KAPC. Next you can give me an idea about your Username. :D
  11. Effects

    New from California

    I just noticed that your location showed KTCY. Welcome to the Forum.
  12. Effects

    New from California

    So, do you have a little aviation background young man?
  13. Effects

    Military aircraft versus Mavic 4

    When you see the oil leaking out of those big round engines, the aircraft is definitely low!
  14. Effects

    VLOS ?

    I think you have posed an interesting question but I have to wonder how many people will be inhibited to answer because it would be an admission of guilt. I'll be interested to read the responses.
  15. Effects


    Litchi will likely be available for Mavic Mini and Mavic Air 2 later this summer Haye Kesteloo 2 weeks ago Add comment 3 min read Good news for people who like to use the Litchi app to fly their DJI drones. The software development kit (SDK) is scheduled to be released in July, which will...