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Recent content by GB1Yorkshire1

  1. GB1Yorkshire1

    Drones banned from Carry-on luggage flying through Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan

    The Emperor of Japan is recognized as almost God like in standing and respect His coronation has both a ritual and religious symbolic significance Though in my opinion the World Rugby championship should have equal status sadly it’s not ( Except in Wales)
  2. GB1Yorkshire1

    WD 40 (Water Displacement 40)

    WD40 was as you say developed as a water dispersant “ on the surface of rockets” not the electronics to stop or reduce oxidation of the unpainted skin of early rockets If you use it internally especially on motors you will get a paste of WD40 and dust in the bearings If you must fly in damp...
  3. GB1Yorkshire1

    Drones banned from Carry-on luggage flying through Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan

    The majority of citizens from the USA are sadly lacking in any knowledge of the laws, customs and politics of other countries! Many people believe that US law is the standard world wide and behave with this in mind. Sadly this is not the case, expecting information to be placed in English...
  4. GB1Yorkshire1

    Taking By POLICE

    The warped logic of the charge of trespass is very difficult if not impossible to prove. A flying drone has every right under FAA rules to fly in unrestricted airspace provided it meets all requirements as to operating height distance from airports etc. However if a drone hovers with the intent...
  5. GB1Yorkshire1

    Drone-mounted nail gun

    One of the things that I notice in all the formula to guide the "roofer" is the total lack of Newtons Law " Every action has an equal and opposite reaction" So saying that the gun when fired would shoot the drone backwards or opposite whichever angle the gun is fireing! I personally would love...
  6. GB1Yorkshire1

    Flying in Poland and Germany

    Suggest you contact the RAF they did extensive flying in these areas. :-)
  7. GB1Yorkshire1

    Flying a drone 100 feet from an airport

    You may get authorization, however intelligence to use this authority obviously was not obtained☹️
  8. GB1Yorkshire1

    Flying in/around fog?

    I have been getting good results by spraying “Never Wet” on my Mavic. It is a inert silicon based spray that will make any surface Super Hydrophobic, it’s made by Rustleum and is available in Home Depot I use it both with my Mavic and when out taking wildlife photos with my DSLM water is simply...
  9. GB1Yorkshire1

    Does turning off lights increase flight time?

    GPS locators are not dependent on a local cell phone system, but send an intermittent signal back to a satellite. How do you think they track sharks, wildlife etc. ATT just won’t work!
  10. GB1Yorkshire1

    Does turning off lights increase flight time?

    I believe that you misread my suggestion, it wasn’t don’t use the drone but use the GPS to locate one, then fly the drone to confirm that the flock is together. If you fly randomly over a large area you will get random results. Another thought is that the lightweight cell chargers may be able to...
  11. GB1Yorkshire1

    3, 2, 1, Blast off

    So many rockets and you missed the drone every time!
  12. GB1Yorkshire1

    Does turning off lights increase flight time?

    I would approach the problem from a different angle.... Sheep flock together so place a GPS locator on one and you have your flock. You can use the drone to verify A usable device is already available for hunting dogs!
  13. GB1Yorkshire1

    flying weather

    If you keep your batteries separate from the drone and warm until you insert them just prior to flight, then cold should not be too much of a problem as batteries will warm up on load. As for weather I agree with not flying in rain this also includes any rapid temperature change as it will...
  14. GB1Yorkshire1

    Any way to apply for a permit/waiver to fly in a National Park?

    Interesting point about overflying national parks As the FAA appears to be treating drones as unmanned aircraft, assuming you neither take off or land my understanding is that you should be in compliance ( they cannot prohibit aircraft unless it’s a NFZ)
  15. GB1Yorkshire1

    Dad uses Mavic 2 to warn kids about a shark

    Yes that would be a good idea, however if you read the original article it stated that when he got HOME he reviewed the Footage and saw the Shark... he did NOT warn or advise anyone The question should be are drones useful to lifeguards/ beach patrol and the answer is yes, but they can spot...