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Recent content by gene92009

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    Flying areas in North County San Diego

    Hi Sean, I am a new Mavic owner an am looking for places to fly. I live in Carlsbad. Any suggestions? Want to go fly one of these days?
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    Mavic water recovery system

    Nothing in life is 100%. There is always a little something to screw up perfection. The fact that the little glitches are worked on and eliminated tells me that there is hope that someday we'll have that perfect drone.
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    Mavic water recovery system

    Thank you Hutch for the detailed post and the advice. I am a little concerned about wind interference with the fairly large surfaces created but I guess not much can be done about that. It looks like I will just have to build my own and try it out. Living in SoCal I an aching to take my Mavic...
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    Mavic water recovery system

    I'm pretty new to the forum and found this thread looking for a solution to being able to recover my new Mavic(only had it for 3 days) in the event of a catastrophic failure over water. Did anyone improve on the ideas discussed in this thread?