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Recent content by HHI Guy

  1. HHI Guy

    Trouble connecting Goggles to Mavic Pro

    That’s what happened with me as well. Check to ensure you have the same firmware version for all components. Hope this helps.
  2. HHI Guy

    Trouble connecting Goggles to Mavic Pro

    For two years never had an issue connecting the goggles to the Mavic pro. Did an upgrade to the firmware for the drone, controller and the goggles to v01.04.0500. Rolled back the drone and controller to .0300 for some personal reasons. BAM! No more goggles! After weeks of looking into this...
  3. HHI Guy

    Hello from Hilton Head Island, SC

    Been flying my Mavic Pro for over 2 years. Never been much of the forum type but have found myself consistently coming hear for help. Glad to be part of the group.