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Recent content by Homersimpson

  1. Homersimpson

    RTH Tragedy

    Yes, a dedicated screen is an excellent idea..... maybe not a phone, but a tablet... lots of info on here regarding tablets that work well.....
  2. Homersimpson

    RTH Tragedy

    Probably been said, but it might be worth learning to fly a drone with a cheaper model, rather than risk damaging an expensive mavic.... even flying a drone without all the fancy stabilisation and hover technology so you learn how to fly properly. Thumbswayup
  3. Homersimpson

    Does your Android tablet work?

    So, like many I wanted a larger screen, but one that fitted the controller rather than an add on attachment. So I went for the same one as PropPilot, Acer Iconia One 7" B1-780. So far I've connected it on the desk to test, no flying as yet. I'll be interested to see how it performs...