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Recent content by Jupeuav

  1. J

    Should I report? UK

    Fair enough, ill send him a message! Cheers for the link
  2. J

    Should I report? UK

    I know his name via Facebook so I don't really 'know' him at all. He could take it as constructive criticism or he could be a total *** about it. Who knows. Would it even be worth contacting the ATC at Belfast to inform them?
  3. J

    Should I report? UK

    First off, Im not 'the drone police' and in general don't mind what anyone does, so long as they follow the 'spirit' of the rules in the UK as outlined by the CAA. Im a PfCO pilot in Northern Ireland and I'm seeing more and more negligence with these little machines but this morning I've seen...
  4. J

    BBC flaunting the rules?

    I recently finished my PfCO so naturally with all the regs still fresh in my mind I’m noticing a lot (ok a **** tonne) of people flaunting the rules. Most notably the BBC. A lot of their reports feature what is obviously a drone getting shots over houses and things like that. A guy on my...