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    Video Examples - DLog and DCine

    Thanks all, my bad. Videos are now public. thanks
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    Video Examples - DLog and DCine

    I was trying to figure out what is the best settings (Cinematic) and also trying to reduce the "Pulsating/Flickering". More testing will be require, but just in case some of you want to give pointers, comments then feel free. Love learning! I am a newbie in flying drones and video editing...
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    Favorite Austin Tx drone flying areas

    Old Settlers Park (Behind Dell Diamond) which its within restrictions limits but you just need to notify airport manager/tower.
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    Hi - I am new to drone life and to video editing. I am trying to learn as much as possible on all aspect of it. Video but in YouTube: (export as 4K mp4) Details: 24 fps, 100 iso at 1/50, no filter, WB Cloudy, D-Cinelike, and cant remember the sharpeness, contract, saturation. Second...