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Recent content by Muchempo

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    Show us your sunrise

    Twin Lakes Shawnee Oklahoma. I was planning on shooting facing the sunrise but this one turned out better in my opinion with the sunrise to my back.
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    Show us your sunrise

    you stole my shot lol. I live in Shawnee too I've been droning the twin lakes here recently might run into you one of these days. Nice capture!
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    Abandoned Baseball Stadium - 4K

    Nicely done! Some sound design would have taken your vid to the next level in my opinion for example bat hitting a ball, a little play by play of a baseball game things of that nature ya know. Great work tho!.
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    Free music source for your online video?

    I've been using epidemic sound they have a great selection of film, epic style tracks sound effects and more. Subscription is free until you hit their download limit 20 tracks I think (don't hold me to that #) after that you can sign up for a 30 day YouTube trial, this one will give a boatload...