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Recent content by noogadrone

  1. noogadrone

    Mavic Pro AEB Issues

    Tried the 5-shot function and it works with my HDR software! Only thing that I can conclude is that there is some bug with the 3-shot AEB. Agreed! I'm used to the DSLRs too. I think I'll start doing the tripod mode with manual shots when quality really matters. Aside from this AEB thing I am...
  2. noogadrone

    Mavic Pro AEB Issues

    Even though you lost some functionality it still sounds like it will actually take 3 images at different exposures, unlike the GO 4 app right now! I'm guessing 5 shots would likely give you better range than 3 or to take full control of this process I think the only option now is to shoot in...
  3. noogadrone

    ND Filters Best Video and Camera Setting - Need Help

    This! Set up the ISO, frame rate, and exposure. Then break out the ND filters to swap them around to get a properly exposed shot. You can try to get to EV0 using the exposure meter or look at the histogram to make sure you're not clipping any lights or darks. I almost never use a filter for...
  4. noogadrone

    Mavic Pro AEB Issues

    I just got a Mavic Pro, I've had a P4 for awhile now. I'm big on HDRs so the first thing I do when I get the Mavic is put it in AEB and take some shots in RAW to see how the Mavic images will compare to P4 after I've edited them in post. I get to post and find that my HDR software spits out a...