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Recent content by Orion33

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    Mavic battery won't turn off.

    I noticed that too that the final charging taking lots of time. When all the top leds are on (blinking) it still goes on with charging.
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    Mavic battery won't turn off.

    I use the original mavic smart battery. So far it is just one battery. I will return it thats for sure because I don't want to have problems in mid-flight. But I'm curious and is it just a small thing.
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    Mavic battery won't turn off.

    A month ago I purchased the Mavic 2 pro together with the Smart controller. I'm very satisfied so far. But since a week I have a problem with one of the batteries. It will not turn off completely: If I turn off the battery on the normal way, the green indicatorleds on the top of the battery...
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    DJI go4 changing password

    How can I change my password in the DJI Go4 app? I have already found it. Have to login to the dji-website and change it there. Ton
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    location dng's

    Thanks a lot for your link. An next peace of the puzzle is been solved. Ton
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    location dng's

    I will put my fastest card in it (sandisk extreme 126gig) and give it a try. But I don't think this is a solution. I take single shots so loading around 35Mb should not be a problem. Another curious thing; I formatted the card in the smart controller and after that my mac did not accept the...
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    location dng's

    Since two days I own a Mavic2 Pro and the Smart controller. I'm a complete newbie with android! So far I'm satisfied with this purchase. Every thing works fine but it is a steep learning curve. As usual the manuals are far from complete, so Youtube is very needed. Storing pictures on the...
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    Love the Hasselblad Camera

    When you shoot pictures you don't need a ND-filter. You you can use faster shutter times and choose a bigger f-stop. F8 for instance. Ton
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    First flight, first tests

    Was it captured in D-log because it looks a bit dull to me. I made a screenshot and gave it some color treatment in PS. These new colors are not made by PS, they are in your footage already. PS only restored it. Hope you like the result. Ton
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    Monitor calibration advice please

    Just try it, you have nothing to loose. Calibrating doesn't change your monitor. It is only a color-profile placed on the monitor path. If you don't like the results turn back to your original profile. Install the datacolor-software, study the manual very well and go on. Remember, good...