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paulwwww's latest activity

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    paulwwww reacted to zocalo's post in the thread Bad For Us with Like Like.
    There's also the tacit approval angle. OK, some people do have the relevant licenses, then obtain the necessary waivers and whatever...
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    paulwwww replied to the thread Insurance?.
    I spoke with my State Farm rep a couple times and he assured me liability is covered under my home owners policy, cost me an additional...
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    paulwwww reacted to PBDawg's post in the thread The Great Droner's Poetry Challenge! with Haha Haha.
    Do you love your drone? Do you love to fly your drone? Do you love it so much that you could be moved to compose poetry about it? I...
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    It's what's called a liability umbrella and falls under the home policy, and according to my Rep I am covered regardless of where I fly...