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Recent content by Peio64270

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    Lost my mavic mini

    What can be the rectangular shape visible at the left of one of the last images ? (I have circled it in orange) It looks like the superior end of a wall...
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    Help needed! Problems with relative to ground feature on litchi app.

    I experimented this issue some months ago in several well defined areas. I wrote about it to Litchi. My question : "Hi, This morning I was writing to you the message copied below. I realize now that in some locations, I can have AGL at waypoints working well for one mission but not for...
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    Help me decide to keep or return

    Why not to consider the Parrot Anafi in the same price range ? I own three DJI drones (P3 and Mavic Pro) and I recently bought a used Anafi. I must say that photos and video are of the same quality with either brand, that the Anafi has been very reliable and easy to fly, till now and that it is...
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    What is everyone's thoughts/ theories on longevity of the Mavic Pro?

    I bought my Pro Combo in December 2016. It was exchanged under warranty by DJI end of January 2017 (altimeter problems). Since this date, hundreds of flights and still flying very well with modded firmware and app.
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    Crash - Pilot error or drone issue?

    Ventusky is probably good for USA but in France, it doesn't allow models like NEMS or AROME with grids thiner than those of ECWMF or GFS. Only ICON which is more precise than the latters. Nor it gives waves heights and swell that are important to me. However, it is precious to get an idea of the...
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    Crash - Pilot error or drone issue?

    With my first M1P, I had barometric pressure issues (it was exchanged under warranty two months after my purchase). Altitude was not measured accurately with a severe drift all along flights. But this was reflected in telemetry (and therefore in flight logs). In the present case as in others...
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    Crash - Pilot error or drone issue?

    This is a big problem at the altitudes where we fly (usually under 200m). Weather forecast models use grids of various sizes. Larger grids (like ECWMF or GFS) relates mainly synoptic winds at 10m above sea level but do not take into account local elevation, relief etc. This is an example of...
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    Litchi App

    No. The program for conversion was made by me and a friend of mine. I can share it in my dropobox, that's all.
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    Litchi App

    Thank you, Joss. Both were shot in Log (D-log for the Mavic and P-log for the Anafi, with identical manual settings for Iso, WB etc.). Same edition with Premiere Pro. I must say that color grading is better with the Anafi than with the Mavic Pro, specially in the blue/green equilibrium.
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    Divorce is inevitable, MM and me

    Usually, wind forecasts are given for 10m (~30 feet) altitude above ground. Second, many specialists here said that windspeed calculated by Airdata (and not "reported by the drone") are biaised since Airdata doesn't uses the Spark profile instead of any MM profile. Having read multiple reports...
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    REALLY NEED HELP!! Mavic Mini falls from sky into the water! LOG READER NEEDED!

    No, but the top of the mast (where in board anemometer is usually located) can be more than 80 feet above the deck and you can easily compare wind speed measured with a hand-held instrument to that measured at the top of the mast. The difference can be 2 folds depending in wind force and gusts...
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    Mavic pro or mavic mini?

    Go for the Pro without any hesitation if it is in mint condition.
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    Mavic Mini Yaw Issue Is A Deal Breaker For Me!!

    Isn't it Ambarella H22 the image processor ? I was rather thinking in the flight control processor which is a MIMXRT1061 DVL6A. Concerning the moon landing, a large part of the module control was manual and there was no GPS stream :) But it was just a question because I see no other explanation...
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    REALLY NEED HELP!! Mavic Mini falls from sky into the water! LOG READER NEEDED!

    After viewing attentively the full video and as an old sailor, I would call this day a VERY calm day with VERY light winds (look at the flags, at the trees and at the small sailing boats in the distance). I would say no more than 3 Bf in the "gusts". Wind is certainly not the reason of the...
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    Mavic Mini Yaw Issue Is A Deal Breaker For Me!!

    I don't own a mini (I'm stuck with my Mavic Pro, Phantom 3 and Anafi) but two friends of mine were tempted to buy a mini and ask for my "expertise" for deciding to. So, I read attentively in what extent customers appreciate or not this little drone. I was struck by the comparison of yaw breaking...