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    FAA Number - Where To Stick

    I'm in the UK, but registered my drone with the FAA a few weeks back ready for our trip to the states later in the year. I've just printed off the FAA Number, but now unsure where to stick it. Would putting it where the battery sits be ok or does it have to be visible from the outside?
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    Lake Mead - Can I Fly?

    I've just been reading up, after some advice in a Facebook group, they do have a designate area for flying Google Maps Google Maps Granted, can't do much. But at least I can go up and down to show the...
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    Lake Mead - Can I Fly?

    That's proper [email protected] How strict are they? Like, can I not just go straight up and down? Interesting to see their entire area goes almost to Laughlin. We're off there about a week after, and have already emailed Bullhead City airport about flying over the river and they've said it should be ok...
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    Lake Mead - Can I Fly?

    Afternoon all... Just planning some of our US road trip for later in the year, and I'm obviously wanting to do some droning. One place we're going is Lake Mead, now I know this is a NFZ. However, when we head back to Vegas, rather than going back via Boulder City, I'm gonna head north, along...