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Recent content by russellg

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    How to answer the usual questions while flying your drone.

    that is a nice idea, I am going to copy you and tell people about my youtube channel.
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    How to answer the usual questions while flying your drone.

    When I have someone ask me about my drone, I do a RTH and then let them fly my drone with me watching them and keeping the drone within about 1000 feet of us. Usually people are really thankful that I took the time and let them have some fun.
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    New IPad Pro 12.9 issues with the Mavic Mini

    I bought this cable from drone valley, he ships 1st class USPS the same day and the cable works perfect.
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    Best drone for predator control

    you do have a problem, you can't live trap a fox unless they have no food and are about starved. I have foxes and the same problem plus they have more than one den. In 2 years I have only gotten one fox and there are plenty more.
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    Newbie from Virginia

    join FB group Virginia Drone Club
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    MM gains altitude over water?

    Read pages 15 and 16 of the user manual, using the Downward Vision System.
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    mavic mini stuck at 95% imu calibration step 1/5 using ipad mini 4

    My mavic mini would not advance past 95%, I tried multiple times (powered everything off and restarted whole process) then I read somewhere that someone else had a similar problem until he rotated his Mavic so I rotated my mini onto its side and it went to 96%. The ipad mini dji fly was not...
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    ⚠️ Mavic Mini RTH Altitude Setting Not Saving 😞

    RTH is not saved, I put in RTH altitude. restarted dji fly, connected MM and rth altitude was set to default value (49.2 feet). Max altitude is not saved also.
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    ⚠️ Mavic Mini RTH Altitude Setting Not Saving 😞

    I just checked my MM, both Max and RTH reverted to 49.2 feet after a power off and reconnecting. This good to know, now I will update each time I fly.
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    Ipad mini 4 for Fly app?

    He ships 1st class usps so you will get a tracking number later today, I am betting it arrives on Saturday.
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    Ipad mini 4 for Fly app?

    ipad mini 4 works perfect, you need to order the longer cable to use the mini from, he ships the same day. it is called the custom data cable and it is $12.95.
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    New Mini - NO Compatible Android Device!

    a better move to use a dedicated device instead of your cell phone that could interrupt your flight, i use an ipad mini 4 just for droning and it has worked perfect for me.
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    Just passed part 107 need help now with IACRA

    Here is a mistake I made, I filled out the registration form and submitted it and after 6 weeks it was still in process before I figured out that I had not electronically signed the form which is the last step that I somehow missed, after that was fixed and submitted again, it took about 6 weeks...
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    Is it ok to cancel drone initiated low battery RTH

    Sure, cancel low battery RTH and then you can post the flight log and have the experts tell you when and why it crashed and help you find it.
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    Backorder for Mavic 2 Pro from DJI?

    I ordered Mavic 2 pro and flymore package on Thursday, it arrived on Friday. great company. B&H Photo Video Digital Cameras, Photography, Camcorders