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Recent content by russellg

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    Is it ok to cancel drone initiated low battery RTH

    Sure, cancel low battery RTH and then you can post the flight log and have the experts tell you when and why it crashed and help you find it.
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    Backorder for Mavic 2 Pro from DJI?

    I ordered Mavic 2 pro and flymore package on Thursday, it arrived on Friday. great company. B&H Photo Video Digital Cameras, Photography, Camcorders
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    Cache Memory Question

    Is there any place that describes Cache Memory and recommended Cache settings for the smart controller? Thanks in advance.
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    Dji Go 4 App closes every 20 seconds

    Let me know what your solution is, my Smart Controller disconnected about 3 times in 20 minutes of flying on Sunday but it reconnected when I restarted the app, I wasn't sure why but all my settings are as delivered and the software is up-to-date. I am not near any interference when I flew, I...
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    DJI Smart Controller at Amazon

    This is a nice site for DJI stuff, why do you bring up politics? There are plenty of other places to voice your worthless opinion including the ballot box.
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    DJi go 4 not allowing take off.

    watch this.
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    Where is the best place to buy my Mavic 2Pro?

    get the fly more, it is worth it. I love mine.
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    Im beginning to think DJI Smart Controllers are non existent

    I just checked, bestbuy has a lot of them.
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    New Mavric 2 pro where to fly

    there are many but 2 cell phone apps I use are B4UFly and UAV Forecast.
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    After upgrade

    follow this guys advice. after multiple failures, mine is now updated (wrong cable and not using DJI assist).
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    Anyone come across minimalist smart controller & mavic 2 case?

    this is the one I use. DJI Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom w/Smart Controller Case | GPC, Inc
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    Copyright infringement - music for videos

    youtube and facebook have free music you can use. I download and save it on my laptop. it takes a while to find stuff you like but I have managed to save about 50 pieces of music that I use on my youtube channel. do a google search for free music no copyright.
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    Have you received your FAA License?

    Thanks for the update, good news for me. I passed my test on 1/23/19 and I am still waiting for the mail to arrive.
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    part 107 license advantages?

    I would get the 107, it only takes a few evenings a week of studying to prepare. Print the FAA study guide and the FAA material, watch Tony Northrup on youtube. Spend some time understanding charts and you should have no problem with the test. You are no more regulated than a hobbyist and...
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    Is Showing Your FAA # Smart

    rename "is showing your FAA #" to "paranoid sissies". There so much information available on everyone, just from you car tag # I can get the address of owner and other information. We are all creatures of habit, you drive the same route to work everyday, retrieve your mail the same way, shop...