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Recent content by Sharky05

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    second newbie question: what to do with props, in folded-up drone?

    You're welcome mate that's what I use on my drone in the hard case and the soft pack works perfectly no need to remove props at any time fits snugly and holds props in place securely
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    second newbie question: what to do with props, in folded-up drone?

    Why do you not just by the proper prop guards for the drone from your dji store that clips over the props and the arms on top and a rubber mount for the bottom props when folded much sturdier and safer that way. About $15
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    Stuck in rain

    Attacking someone for making a suggestion is exactly why I just follow this forum and don't post on it. I wasn't being rude or anything to anybody. All I did was making a suggestion I was given by a friend who ran into a random rainstorm on the way back from his flight during returning to the...
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    Stuck in rain

    Try putting the drone in the hot water cupboard if you have one it's the driest place in the house and the heat should get rid of the moisture inside the drone.
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    It was the right price and decision?

    I own a mavic 2 Pro and it is a awesome drone I love it both video and still photography is great. Money well spent
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    Mavic 2 Pro waypoints

    If you go online to Udemy. com and look at mavic&phantom film school 2 you can see on there how to do a seasonal filming of what you want to do mate very interesting how to make the best of your video and or photos and linking them together. Hope it helps courses are cheap and very informative...
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    Best still photo settings

    Thanks for the reply mate I appreciate it
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    Best still photo settings

    I like what you say Camino Ken and I agree with you on that also we all learn from the experience of other people in the field. I always say that you are never to old to learn something new. I do however have a problem with the mavic 2 Pro camera setting and that is that I can't get the...
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    Mavic 2 pro setup for real estate photos

    Sorry in advance guys but if there is someone here that could help me with how to setup the camera to take the best photos I possibly could using the Mavic 2 Pro I would really appreciate it very much I'm just starting up in that field and will appreciate all the help I can get and if you have a...