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    Do you fly within VLOS?

    The point I’m trying to make is that flying out side of VLOS (as easy as it is) feels to me like flying IFR with a monitor that is not certified etc.
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    Do you fly within VLOS?

    As a aviation pilot and a commercial drone pilot it seems to me that the the FAA has drones categorized in something along the lines of VFR (visual) rated aircraft following some VFR rules. For a aviation pilot to fly IFR (instrument) rated the pilot must be IFR rated, IFR current, use IFR...
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    Weird Gimbal movement

    My gimbal did act slightly different. It suddenly went to a full up position and would not go down below -10 degrees.
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    Weird Gimbal movement

    I had the same experience yesterday. After trying all the same things I landed did a complete shutdown and start up and it’s working fine.
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    Has anyone tried to use the mavic enterprise thermal imaging with DJI Goggles. I'm looking for a solution for search and rescue.

    I have the same question about inferred cameras and how affective they are for S and R
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    How about flying while snowing

    Keep in mind the drone visibility regulations