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Recent content by stebergl

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    Video jitter when yawning and pitching gimbal

    NO. I contacted DJI but they want so much info that you don't have the strength to go on. Serial numbers of everything, receipt and so on.
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    Video jitter when yawning and pitching gimbal

    CodeCutter, have you tried the latest tip from AyeYo? Is it possible to fly in manual mode and still get nice video? Thanks for your tests, it helps us that have the same problems! I didn't buy a ND-filter yet. Tried the best SD-card as you know that is not the problem.
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    Shakey stuttering turns?

    Any news about the issue? I just started a case with Dji because I'm disappointed with my Mavic. The picture is crisp but as you bescribe the focus is lost and it starts to stutter when panning. I can also see it at the display of my phone so the SD card is not the issue. before I knew that I...