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Background in photography, not flying, though I like to fiddle with electronics and building stuff myself.
Foolishly jumped too early into a Walkera Scout X4, nothing but trouble from week 1. Learnt heaps, spent heaps, NEVER will buy Walkera again.

After a big altercation with the ground, I cut my losses with the Scout and built a custom F550 Hex with NAZA. Flew great for a year before I decided to reconfigure it to a Y6 to get the weight under 2kg with a Sony RX100 and iFlight G40 gimbal. Lost too much efficiency and problems began, switched back to a S550. Still too heavy for New under 2kg commercial rules in Australia.

Began researching the DJI Mavic Pro, opportunity to get a P3S very cheap. Now flying the Mavic Air - love it!!
Sep 1, 1967 (Age: 56)
Hobart, Tasmania


Hubsan X4D > Walkera Scout X4 > Self built F550 Naza > Y6 > S550 > Phantom 3 Standard > Mavic Air
Tasmanian Aerial Imaging.