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Recent content by vwjones

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    Custom cutouts for m2p case and goodies

    Hi all, I know this is an old thread but it came up when I was looking for a Mavic 2 template for a case insert. In the end I did my own so I thought I'd share the DXF in case anyone else found their way here. This is for a Peli Case 1510. I used some high density foam and laser cut it out...
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    Mavic Pro will not take photos

    I reported this to DJI a week ago and everyday I have asked for an update. I’ve had the same response every time - it’s been passed to the Engineers and they will contact me. I’ve also been sent a survey to find out how well DJI dealt with the issue (they haven’t) and in one of the email...
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    Mavic Pro will not take photos

    Thanks for the reply. My iphone is running IOS 12.1 already.
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    Mavic Pro will not take photos

    Hi all, I'm having no luck searching through posts for a solution for this issue. Has anyone figured it out yet? My Mavic Pro is 6 months old so still in warranty. Problem: When using DJI Go 4 app on my iPhone 6s, the button to switch between photo and video won’t work, it's stuck on video...