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Recent content by Wanbli

  1. Wanbli

    Mavic Air controller available.

    Do you still have it, if so, how much?
  2. Wanbli

    IMU calibration error 50

    I appreciate the depth of your knowledge on the internal functions of the various sensors. Please re-read my post. I'm not one to argue, but my advice was not incorrect in this particular case. I was merely erring on the side of caution to assist the poster in the process of elimination. As I...
  3. Wanbli

    IMU calibration error 50

    Bob, I totally agree, but in this case the app is requiring the calibration and the drone can't be flown without it.
  4. Wanbli

    IMU calibration error 50

    Thank you for your clarification. Look, I'm no EXPERT, but I have had the experience where the IMU Calibration is not functioning properly when the compass was experiencing interference. I don't know why, and really don't care. There are several members experiencing this anomaly and I'm merely...
  5. Wanbli

    IMU calibration error 50

    For those who are having difficulty calibrating the IMU, just for sh"ts & giggles, find a METAL & Magnetic interference free place to do the calibration so you are CERTAIN that interference isn't your issue. If your not having issues calibrating your IMU, good for you! ;-)
  6. Wanbli

    IMU calibration error 50

    See my response to AirAntix above
  7. Wanbli

    IMU calibration error 50

    Guys, changing the IMU Module in the Mavic Pro is basically plug and play, no soldering. It literately took me (and I have Essential Tremor and Couldn't solder if my life depended on it!) 20 minutes to take the drone apart, remove the module and replace it. NO SOLDERING. BTW, use the IMU Module...
  8. Wanbli

    IMU calibration error 50

    I just replaced the IMU in my Mavic Pro, cost me $30 and took about 20 minutes, so, if that's you problem, NBD. It is best to do ALL calibrations somewhere with no metal or magnetic interference. Start by calibrating your gimbal. I was told that the gimbal will throw an IMU error if it's not...
  9. Wanbli


    So I took a chance and bought an "untested" Mavic Pro off eBay hoping I could replace the one that I lost in the woods last Friday after a catastrophic battery incident. VERY Depressing, searched for 2 days, no joy! Back on track. It appears to have had a crash as there are some marks on the...
  10. Wanbli

    Skin's to prevent bird attacks?

    So, I live in the George Washington National Forest (BlueRidge Mtns, Virginia). We have Bald & Golden Eagle, Red Tail Hawks (4' Wingspan) and Turkey Vultures (6' wingspan). I avoid the eagles and hawks as they are fearless, but I chase the vultures away with the Mavic. They were going to build...
  11. Wanbli

    Cheap tablet? Cell phone screen too small!

    If you're not an Apple guy try the Nvidia Shield tablet. I've been using it since the P2, P3A, and now with the Mavic. I use "Shut App" to close hidden apps before I start, then start a screen recorder and boot up the Mavic remote and wait for the popup asking what app I want to use and choose...
  12. Wanbli

    Mavic FPV app

    I use a cheap pair of RIEM 3 VR Googles I got on Amazon like these: https://www.amazon.com/Universal-Virtual-Reality-Glasses-Smartphones/dp/B01EN1P9E8/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=riem+III+VR+glasses&qid=1551976585&s=gateway&sr=8-8-spell
  13. Wanbli

    Mavic Pro / FPV / CAVU

    I have used it both indoors and out, works great! I have had an issue with the focus of the FPV on the phone, but reading the instructions in the help section, there does appear to be settings that adjust that. I just haven't gotten around to going through the process.