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    The FAA has issued an official warning. According to the FAA, any civilian operating a drone commerce with “guns, bombs, fireworks, flamethrowers, and other dangerous items” is subject to a fine of up to $25,000. So posting it in a public forum (no matter how COOL it is), is just PLAIN STUPID...
  2. Wanbli

    Got lucky with a recent purchase of a mavic pro

    Use DumLdore to downgrade, works great!
  3. Wanbli

    2019-01-18 Wildwood Sunset

    I agree with you, sometimes. I repair Mavic Pro's, so I'm always testing the drone's features and this is one that tends to baffle me. Most of my drones will execute this feature exceptionally well (within inches of the EXACT take-off point) IF they have had IMU & compass calibrations. But some...
  4. Wanbli

    Mavic Air Gimble Failure

    I actually have a MA in my shop that replicates that behavior.. Put on the Clamp and start the drone, Gimbal & camera work as designed. Start the drone without the clamp, gimbal get's the DT's and shakes side to side. Replace the clamp, start the drone & the gimbal works perfectly! I'm replacing...
  5. Wanbli

    In the water

    When you get back to the states, You may want to consider getting Drone Insurance from State Farm State Farm Drone Insurance Policy – Should You Buy It? - Drone U™ Much better (cheaper & no need to return the drone) than DJI Refresh see here: State Farm Drone Insurance Policy – Should You Buy...
  6. Wanbli

    Mavic Air for parts

    Ok, just to be thorough, did you move the switch by the SD-Card back to RC? I've had this issue many time and it was because that little switch was still in WiFi. ;)
  7. Wanbli

    Mavic Air for parts

    Have you tried to re-bind the new RC to the drone?
  8. Wanbli

    In the water

    I have a Refurbished Mavic Pro Kit for sale on eBay (DJI Mavic Pro 4K Video Camera Quadcopter Drone Kit in Excellent Condition | eBay) Great Drone!
  9. Wanbli

    Hello from Virginia

    Welcome to the forum from the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains!
  10. Wanbli

    Mavic Pro - Gimbal motor overload even after changing ribbon and gimbal arm

    It seems there is a software glitch in the newest firmware that sees an error when there is none. Turn on the drone BEFORE you turn on the RC and then see if your gimbal works/responds to the controller.
  11. Wanbli

    My Mavic Air Compass Error fix

    Since I replaced the compass & IMU, the drone behaves normally...
  12. Wanbli

    Mavic Pro - Gimbal motor overload even after changing ribbon and gimbal arm

    I have a similar problem. I replaced the whole Gimbal (only reused the camera) but on start up I get the overload error message. After startup the gimbal works as designed, even calibrates! Any suggestions?
  13. Wanbli

    My Mavic Air Compass Error fix

    It Fails, but the Sensor Reading is in the green in the app, but still requires calibration & won't allow the AC to take off. UPDATE: I replaced the compass module & the IMU, problem solved.
  14. Wanbli

    My Mavic Air Compass Error fix

    Yes, several with no luck. Then a couple hours later I tried again, from the exact same location and didn't get the calibration error. So, now I don't know what the deal is. I'm considering replacing the compass module. But I also think it could be the app, who knows!? I do have a M1P that will...