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Recent content by Weryat

  1. Weryat

    Just can't get over what a Mavic can do!

    I know what your saying... I just got mine. I travel for a living and wish I would have had this little guy when I was at Normandy, the Parthenon, the Great Wall and I can name many more. But NOW, I got it and still travel.... Stay Tuned!
  2. Weryat

    Gimbal test. Flying over Bangkok

  3. Weryat

    Sunflower - a declaration of love

    Real Nice... I am still too nervous to get that close ! lol
  4. Weryat

    Tulip Tressle

    One of my first video's with my new Mavic Pro. Please comment, critique, give pointers... Wanting to listen and learn and get better...
  5. Weryat

    Hello from Terre Haute, Indiana (Crossroads of America)

    Old RC guy trying out the new Mavic Pro and loving it!