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3d printed accesories

  1. Marco Cantieni

    Landing rubber tip where to get?

    I've lost recently one of the rubber tip sitting on the ground plate of the Mavic. Was not able to find it anywhere to get unless I purchase the whole ground plate or ask my buddy to print me one. Any idea where I can get this?
  2. H

    3D printing yoru Mavic accessories....easy peasy

    I felt that buying bits for my mavic just wasn't cutting it creatively so i 3d printed a few accessories for it. A couple of other things i don't mention in the video are battery contact covers and controller joystick guards. These are useful and can be printed relatively cheaply. Making is...
  3. joevdw

    Samsung 360 mounted to Mavic Pro?

    Ok.. So I found a few 3D custom mounts for the Samsung 360 camera for taking 360 photos and video. But do I have to turn off just the sensors on the bottom only. What will I encounter when doing this. Thank for all your help :)