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  1. T

    Easy iPad mini holder extension for MA2

    Hey everyone! I finally got my new Mavic Air 2 yesterday and like lots of people, I have been trying to figure out the best way to fit my iPad mini 5 to the holder. I have one of those swivel bracket types you see on Amazon for my mini and it works well, but it does add some weight and will...
  2. PilotMan7700

    Leg Extenders

    I did a search to see if there was a thread talking about this specifically yet. I found a few posts asking about if anybody had created them yet but nothing devoted to this. If I missed something please redirect me. I just ran across these on Amazon. Has anybody else bought these, or have made...
  3. D

    Know any good 3D printing forums?

    I'm going to be brand new to the 3D printing game in a few months and wanted to get up to speed on how to best use these critters. I Kickstarted a MakerArm 3D printer with all the goodies who's delivery was postponed until December so far. I ordered it simply on the coolness factor with no...