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    400 Feet Limit Bypass?

    So recently I have heard that drone users are allowed to fly over 400 feet AGL if they are flying within 400 feet of a large structure. (Ex. A user can fly 400 feet over a 300-foot water tower for a total AGL measurement of 700). I was wondering two things: 1) Is this information true? 2) If...
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    FAA AGL 400' but what if you are on a ridge at 850', fly at 1250'?

    Hey Mavic owners or soon to be! I live on a ridge in Hawaii at 850' above sea level. Under the FAA rules, can I fly my drone at 1250' (850' + 400' AGL)? What if I fly over a valley that is at sea level no more than 150 yards from my house, do I have to bring the drone down to 400'? Last...