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4k monitor

  1. J

    Monitor for editing

    I think it's time to get a new monitor for editing. Not just drone footage, but my photography as well. I definitely want one that supports Adobe color space, 10-bit, 4k, IPS... Thinking BenQ SW271. Probably gonna stick with 27", 32" is a bit big for my desk. I use Photoshop and Premiere...
  2. R

    Mavic Pro in 4K over the Victoria Golf Club on Christmas Day

    A rare sunny, not too cold 4c, and almost wind free day. Great day to take the Mavic for a walk...
  3. daithi23

    4K Monitor?

    Any recommendations on a 4K monitor for editing? I don't see myself using 4096×2160 24p very often, probably mostly 3840×2160 30p so would a 3840×2160 monitor be fine?