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4th of july

  1. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    3 4th of July fireworks

    Flew the Mavic 3 at sunset on the 4th to film fireworks (Landed before it got fully dark). The Mavic 3 handles low light conditions way better than any other drone I've used, even the super zoom camera managed to deliver useable footage of distant fireworks!
  2. VegasDronePilot

    Air 2s Fireworks Footage from Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas/Summerlin

    Hi everyone, here is video I did last night with the Air 2s at Red Rock Casino in Summerlin which is 14 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip. You can also see the Las Vegas Strip in the background. Red Rock Casino 4th of July Fireworks Display 4K Drone Footage
  3. egearing

    Mini 2 Pic and vid of fireworks in Georgetown, TX from backyard

    Here is a video of the fireworks from San Gabriel Park in Georgetown, TX from about 400 feet above backyard as well as a photo. Hope you like!
  4. Jim D

    Fireworks compilation

    Like many pilots I tried some fireworks shots on the 4th. I stayed just over my house. Our neighborhood is fireworks crazed (I actually wish they were banned like most nearby cities - we always worry about fires). I shot with a 64 ND so that I could use a long exposure, increasing my chances of...