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  1. Garuda

    Ninja Props (8331 on old Mavic)

    Had some spare time and wanted to test out the new propellers (8331), new flymodes and show off my tabletsetup etc. Pretty pointless video but maybe someone finds it intresting!? LOL - Filmed on the swedish westcoast.
  2. jontracey

    8331 low noise propellers, are they worth it ?

    So my 8331 low noise propellers finally showed up, so time to see are they really any better than the standard ones. I did a side by side comparison and measured the noise
  3. Chrizk0

    So I bought one pair of 8331 props..

    Do I only get one pair of two or the full set when it ships? I bought the first pair a while back already. If I only get one pair should I buy a second separate pair to have four props? thanks
  4. Mako79

    Mavic Platinum Props on a Mavic Pro Noise Test

    It will definitely make the Mavic Pro quieter. Looks like its a combination of motors and props to achieve the "60%" drop in noise. Would like to see an battery test with the 8331 props on the Mavic Pro to test efficiency. *not my vid* but enjoy.