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  1. M

    I want dji mavic 2 zoom leg replacement

    Guys I’m looking for the dji mavic 2 zoom left and right leg replacement I didn’t find anything On Amazon fit for the mavic 2 zoom I have a UK and US address So I want anything from UK or US and fast
  2. C

    Never flown + 5 week road trip, need advice (lots of it)

    Family is taking a road trip through 8 states of the USA with the kids. Lots of hikes, lots of landmarks. I'd love to get amazing footage. Today was about to buy a Mavic 2 Pro, and then I saw a bunch of accessories and realized I don't know what I'm doing. I have zero droning experience aside...
  3. F

    Landing pad reflective decals - why?

    I purchased an expanding ring landing pad. For $19 it was cheap insurance. It came with curved, reflective decals to go in a concentric ring. Does anyone use them and why? How durable are they on rip-stop nylon that gets twisted and folded when the ring is collapsed for storage? Side note...
  4. HALdrone_1

    Polarpro Filters

    recently had a problem with the current version of my polarpro filters I bought thru B&H so I contacted Polarpro directly.... glad to say that their customer service was top notch and they were able to help me out next day and swap my filters super easy! now thats a company I don't mind coming...