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  1. M

    Can't activate / connect DJI MINI 2, help!

    Hi there, I got the DJI Mini 2 yesterday but I can't link it; I already tried most of the tutorials on DJI channel but still unable do link, I tried the normal and the manual method. Also I already charged both the controller and the drone; I tried with and without microsd. I had the DJI Mavic...
  2. tonimaker

    Can not access the intelligent flight modes! PLEASE HELP!

    Hi there! I've had the Mavic Pro for a week now, and everything is fine, except for one thing. I can't access the intelligent flight modes on the Mavic Pro. I followed all the instructions. I am in p-mode, the battery is over 50%, and I am higher than 3 meters from the ground! When I select...
  3. A

    Trouble activating Mavic

    I've just bought a Mavic, and when I get the message come up to activate, I get to the end for it to say 'no network connection detected'. This is cos I connect to the mavics wifi as this is the only time I ever get the activate option. Someone please help.