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  1. S

    Resolved : Weak Signal (french forum)

    PROBLEME RESOLU! Bonsoir a tous, le probleme du weak signal a enfin été résolu! Par chance, j'ai un ami qui possede le meme drone (mavic pro), nous l'avons teste au meme endroit, effectivement sur le mien apparaissait "weak signal, adjust your antenna and avoid system" (aux alentours des...
  2. BradBuskey

    Quick Tip - Quickly Adjust Gimbal Rotation on the fly

    I know we all know how to go into the app, bring up the gimbal settings and hit the advanced settings to bring up the Gimbal Adjustment box, but personally, I dont want it taking up any screen real estate. I even turned off the histogram in favor of Zebra lines. However, there are times where...