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  1. GoGracefully

    New Pilot Check In with Video

    Aloha from the Big Island! This forum has been such a HUGE educational blessing for me and my gratitude goes out to all of you who are committed to educating others with your expertise. Since joining I have enrolled in a Remote pilot test prep course and spent hours practicing much...
  2. Chip D

    What to say when calling a local unmanned airport

    Does anyone have a certain "dialog" that they say to the local unmanned airport answering machine? Something like "Hi my name is ________, My cell phone is _______________. My Drone number is ___________________. I will be flying in this immediate area for 2 hours. " Just wondering. Chip D...
  3. M

    Going to Mauritius. Local rules?

    Hi Mavic Pilots, I'm going to Mauritius and wanted to know if there are any regulations I should keep in mind. Thank you.