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airspace rules

  1. Amit Dunsky

    Flying in London - calling experienced pilots

    I'll be visiting London next week, and are taking my M3P with me. I've already completed my Flyer ID and Operator ID certifications, so I'm good on that part. Looking at the maps, I see that flying the drone East and South to the Tower bridge is allowed. However, I've seen a Youtube video of...
  2. M

    Flying over an indian casino, police chased me off ??

    Hello All, Was flying my drone over the Iliani casino in LongView WA and when I was landing after my first hyperlapse a friendly Sheriff told me that I can't fly over the casino. I tried to explain that the area is clear for flight by the FAA and he wasn't having it. Obviously, they can kick...
  3. jtcfilms

    Special Event Permit to fly my drone???

    Hey all, just wanted to get some conversation rolling around what I heard from an event planner in South Florida (South Beach Miami to be specific) this week. So I have a video job filming an engagement proposal on Friday night at a rented out top floor of hotel on the beach. When asking the...