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  1. M

    Hello from Birmingham, Alabama.

    Greetings from Alabama. I'm going to take delivery of my very first quad this week. I'm wondering if any of the members could recommend a good open space in Birmingham where I can practice/learn. Thanks in advance for any advice! Mark
  2. ashemonia

    Greetings from Gulf Shores

    I’ve been reading this form for quite some time but have never posted. I live in the coastal town of Gulf Shores, about 15 miles west of Pensacola on the Gulf of Mexico. My drone history has some rather bad luck attached... I’ve owned/flown the GoPro Karma (lost to a flyaway/crash in the Gulf)...
  3. A


    After a few years of not having a football team, the UAB Blazers are back and ready to be at Legion Field!
  4. T

    Need advice about getting better angles and shots.

    I took my Mavic pro to my favorite hiking trail and made a short video from the footage. If anyone could maybe criticize and tell me what to do better, any advice helps.